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At Texas Financial Advisors, we've reshaped the financial advice concept to take you and your future to new heights...together.

About FFA- Texas Financial Advisors

At Texas Financial Advisors, we have tailored our services to perfectly fit the financial needs of Texas residents. As a company within the Florida Financial Advisors (FFA) brand, we are a full-service, comprehensive financial and wealth management firm with a sharp focus on helping our clients realize their dreams. We adopt a personalized approach and partner with you to navigate your financial strategy.

For us, it's critical that we work with you to not only recognize your current financial situation but also foresee what the future might bring: private school, a boat, a vacation house, a business venture. We understand that planning for the future is all about the details, with a particular focus on your career as the most important cornerstone. We adopt a holistic approach and take your company's benefits package into account to ensure you are maximizing your financial future.

Our Mission

To take you to your highest possible
level in both career and life.

Our commitment to you:

  • Only the best products and services to meet your needs
  • Consistent and relevant communication
  • Track your plans to achieve your goals
  • state-of-the art technology solutions to track your progress and performance

We promise to offer you the very best in financial planning and outstanding customer service.

About Our Texas Financial Advisors

Our Team

Texas Financial Advisors (TFA) operates as part of the leading Florida Financial Advisors (FFA) Company. Being part of this extensive network allows us to leverage the shared knowledge and experience of hundreds of advisors across the country. This vast resource enables us to better understand and cater to the diverse financial needs of our clients in various regions.

Our team is a dedicated group of seasoned professionals committed to helping you realize your dreams and ambitions. We genuinely care about understanding your unique journey, which enables us to craft a financial plan that truly aligns with your life path.

Jason Mickool – FFA CEO

Jason Mickool, Florida Financial Advisors President

President of Florida Financial Advisors, Jason is an industry expert with 25 years of experience. Jason brings experience and knowledge to many aspects of financial planning, most notably for high-net-worth individuals and business owners.

Jason started his career at American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise) where he was able to demonstrate his integrity and servitude to grow into a Field Vice President. As an executive for American Express, he received several awards for being a consistent top performer. Although he enjoyed his career as an executive, Jason always had a passion for helping clients. After leaving Amex, he continued his career as a managing partner for New England Financial. There, he led the country in growth while at the same time being able to get back to his real passion: serving his clients through financial planning. From there, Jason joined McAdam as part of the executive team, where he was able to continue to serve his clients while at the same time providing strategic direction to one of the fastest-growing financial firms in the country.

While still having a great relationship with McAdam, Jason began McAdam FA Tampa in Tampa, Florida, where he currently resides. After living in Florida, he quickly realized that “Floridians” have needs that only “Floridians” understand, and he soon realized the lack of financial planning firms committed to these needs. This led him to the establishment of Florida Financial Advisors, or FFA. A best-of-breed, independent, product-neutral, comprehensive financial planning firm serving the specific needs of Floridians.

In his free time, Jason enjoys traveling, windsurfing, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife Allyson and dogs.

Chad Stephens - Field Vice President - Austin

Chad Stephens - Field Vice President, Austin

Chad Stephens is a driven and dedicated Financial Planner, committed to helping his clients achieve their financial goals with the right tools and knowledge. He values Faith, Family, Health, Leadership, and Independence, which guide his work every day.

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chad pursued his academic and athletic career at the University of Arkansas. He started his financial journey as a Financial Advisor with Florida Financial Advisors in Jacksonville, Florida. Over the years, Chad gained extensive experience in the field, assisting clients from various industries, including small businesses, individuals, and families. He has held various leadership positions and advisory roles at the Jacksonville, FL branch location, where he has successfully helped clients with retirement planning, tax strategies, risk management, and insurance solutions.

Throughout his career, Chad has been passionate about addressing the gaps in the financial industry. He focuses on improving financial advisor training, providing unbiased advice, and implementing effective leadership systems for himself and his team. In pursuit of these goals, Chad has expanded the presence of Texas Financial Advisors in Austin, Texas. As a fully independent and product-agnostic firm, Texas Financial Advisors offers comprehensive advisor marketing and training, catering to the unique needs of families in Texas.

Outside of work, Chad is happily married to his wife, Jessica. He enjoys time with his friends, family, and their dog Ranger. Chad is a football enthusiast. He loves the Razorbacks and the 49ers. He also enjoys traveling and finding the best restaurants in town.

Matthew Falt Dallas VP

Matthew J. Falt – Field Vice President, Dallas

Matthew Falt is a distinguished financial planner renowned for his commitment to providing clients with unparalleled service. Hailing from Connecticut, he pursued an academic career at American University in Washington, DC. before embarking on a rewarding career as a financial advisor with Florida Financial Advisors in Tampa. Since he began his career, he has not only solidified his footing in the financial services industry but also been endowed with a wealth of expertise. This experience proves invaluable when assisting professionals across diverse sectors, such as tech, telecom, and real estate.

Over the years, Matthew's rise to various leadership roles within the firm has seen him guide clients with precision in areas of tax mitigation, risk management, and insurance solutions. His ability to understand and cater to specific client needs is underscored by his methodical approach and intrinsic values, which include family, faith, leadership, health, and loyalty.

Outside of his professional commitments, Matthew places immense value on personal time. He is passionate about traveling, exploring the outdoors, and discovering new culinary experiences. Weekends often find him immersed in football or cherishing moments with his family, girlfriend Taylor, and their beloved dog, Keppa.


Texas Financial Advisors (TFA) is a Florida Financial Advisors (FFA) Company. FFA is an independent financial advisory firm with a network of hundreds of advisors operating offices in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington DC.
Branch offices include: Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Philadelphia/Tristate Area, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, Washington DC., Dallas, and Austin.

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