Envisioning Your Retirement_Flipbook_2024

Aging in Place Like many seniors, you may want to remain in your own home for as long as possible during retirement. Moreover, if your mortgage is paid off, staying in your home might be a wise financial move. You might use the money you once spent on your mortgage to travel, remodel to better meet your changing needs, and/or hire help to perform necessary maintenance tasks, such as landscaping. Downsizing Selling your home to buy a smaller, less expensive one could make life simpler and enable you to add some of your home equity to your retirement assets. Of course, this assumes that market conditions are conducive. If you do downsize, there are many options for where you might live: a small house or condo closer to your children and grandchildren; a vacationstyle home on the beach, in the mountains, or on a golf course; a home in a college town with cultural activities; a home in a retirement community; or even a home in a foreign country. 141.7 119.3 108.8 101.7 95.2 91.8 99.6 San Diego Portland Denver Phoenix Nashville Tampa San Antonio California Oregon Colorado Arizona Tennessee Florida Texas